체스154의 테이스팅

우아하고 건강한 미식의 세계!
체스154의 메뉴는 식사부터 안주/와인에서 칵테일까지 식음과 문화가 하나로 어우러진 공간입니다.

Chess 154's menu
In Chess 154, cultural orientated people from all over the world, mingle with music lovers, business people, locals and tourists. Together they enjoy quality music, food and drinks in a warm, cosmopolitan atmosphere.
We take pride in offering the finest selection of chef-made food, hand crafted cocktails, boutique wines, and premium whiskeys. We dedicate a large portion of our wine list to value priced wines from $80 a bottle, but also have an exceptional reserve list for your special occasions. We also carry all the major whiskey brands and offer some of the finest cocktails as well.